Words In Motion Acting Studio is a Telly Award Winner

Words In Motion Acting Studio, Telly Award

Words In Motion Acting Studio, 2023 Telly Award Winner, Cast and crew.

We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that Words in Motion Acting Studio and  Owner Kelly Young-Silva, has received the highly acclaimed Telly Award.

It’s an honor to be acknowledged as a Telly Award-Winning Studio, a distinction that validates our commitment to excellence. 

Further adding to our joy, the virtuoso owner, Diego Silva-Acevedo, has garnered an astounding collection of 11 Telly Awards over the previous year, demonstrating his exceptional creative prowess.

We also take this moment to celebrate the talented actors Heather Parady, Jason Harmon, and Isabela Clayton.


Their invaluable contributions have significantly enriched the repertoire of Words in Motion Acting Studio, leading to our well-earned Telly Award.

What is a Telly Award?

To those unfamiliar, the Telly Awards stand as the epitome of accomplishment in the realm of video and television content across all mediums. The awards saw a record-breaking 13,000 submissions this year, including entries from industry giants such as ViacomCBS, Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment, Microsoft, ESPN, PBS Digital Studios, and Fast Company, among others.

Since its inception in 1979, the Telly Awards has consistently adapted to the dynamic landscape of video storytelling. The awards laud a broad spectrum of content, covering branded content, social video, animation, and more. This year, they rolled out new categories like Workplace Culture, Hybrid Events, Education & Training, Recruitment, and Sustainability, reflecting the innovative ways video is utilized today.

Sabrina Dridje, the Executive Director of Tellys, emphasizes the crucial role of video in the modern workforce. As work norms transform and employees seek fresh solutions, video has emerged as a powerful catalyst. The Telly Award winners embody diverse and inventive methods used to navigate contemporary challenges.

In the new categories, winners included renowned names like Johns Hopkins Medicine, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company, Europe & Africa for Workplace Culture initiatives. The Hybrid Events category saw standout entries from Left Field Labs and ViacomCBS Consumer Products, the latter being acknowledged for their pioneering “ViacomCBS Consumer Products Virtual Partner Summit.” The Telly Awards also celebrated sustainability champions like PBS, CTRL5, The Department of Veterans Affairs, American Documentary Inc, Setter Studios, and Grounded. Their video and television contributions have shed light on crucial environmental topics.

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Words In Motion Acting Studio

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