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Welcome to Words In Motion Acting Studio!


Our studio is the brainchild of Kelly Young-Silva, an actor and producer who has worked in the Atlanta film industry for over two decades. When opening Words in Motion it was important for her to give Actors a safe and challenging environment to hone their craft.

We offer virtual acting classes through Zoom, so no matter where you are in the world, you can train with us and prepare for a successful career in the Atlanta film market.

At Words In Motion, actors learn to elevate their performance by raising the stakes and fighting to change their scene partner. Our actors have landed significant roles in film and television, and we work to make our audience fall in love with every character we play.

Kelly is committed to supporting the arts community and has helped build many programs in the Atlanta film industry. She is also the co-creator of the Facebook Show, Kelly Talk Show, where she showcases artists striving to live their truth. As a producer, Kelly works closely with her husband Diego Silva Acevedo, a nine-time Emmy Award winner, to create compelling productions. She is Chairman of The Georgia Arts Initiative a non-profit helping artist and communities in Georgia.

At Words In Motion, we teach actors the business of acting, believing that it’s essential to succeed in the industry. Kelly began teaching acting classes in 2008, starting with children and quickly moving on to help actors of all ages book roles in TV and movies. We coach actors from seven to 105 years old, helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in the competitive world of acting.

Join us at Words In Motion Acting Studio and discover what it’s like to put your words in motion.


Welcome to our Gallery page! Here, you can take a glimpse into the world of our students and see what they have achieved after training with us. Our students have successfully booked many roles and have graced both theaters and TV screens. At Words In Motion Acting Studio, we take pride in being an active part of the Atlanta Acting Community and love showcasing the work of our talented actors.

We believe in the power of connections, and that’s why we strive to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for our actors. Our studio is like no other, and we connect with our students in a way that helps them unleash their full potential.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to experience our classes for yourself.  We invite you to try a class for free, allowing you to get a firsthand experience of our training and what we have to offer.  Contact us so that we can put you on our schedule to audit class.

At Words In Motion Acting Studio, we are passionate about turning dreams into realities. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals and find success in the industry. Join us today and discover what it’s like to be part of a community that cares about your success.


Looking to launch your acting career? Look no further than Words In Motion Acting Classes! Our program is designed to train the next generation of actors, providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry.

At Words In Motion, we are not just teachers, but active players in the Atlanta film and theater community. Our classes are informed by our firsthand experiences working on productions, as well as our relationships with casting directors and talent agents.

Our studio is owned and operated by Kelly Young-Silva and Diego Silva Acevedo, 9x Emmy Award winner. We are passionate about helping our students understand the nuances of the industry, such as the differences between union and non-union work, as well as the differences between theater, film, TV, and commercials.

We believe that being a professional actor requires not just talent, but a deep understanding of the business. That’s why we teach both the craft and the business, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Don’t just take our word for it – try a free class and see for yourself! We aim to help you find the professional actor within you. Browse our programs using the menu at the top and message us today to schedule your free class.

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Scene Study for Adults

This class is mostly regarding scene study.  You will work with other classmates and put up scenes.  It is about offering your talent to the class.

Words In Motion Atlanta Acting Classes Testimonials

If you are just getting started in your child’s interest in acting or want to grow their acting skills, and looking for a SAFE place to explore your child’s dreams, Kelly Young Lively’s, Words in Motion Acting Classes is for you!

Kelly Young Lively is the BEST ACTING TEACHER IN THE WORLD. Hunter had a script he needed work on and filmed for an audition. She took time to find him an awesome cameraman AND worked with him an hour last night.. WORDS IN MOTION STUDIO WE LOVE Y’ALL!!

The class is good, clean fun with a purpose that is appropriate for business groups, families with older children and community or church groups. We had fun and gained a new appreciation for each person’s individual thinking. Knowing we worked together, Kelly used a team building approach that made us laugh and think on our feet! Thank you Kelly and Motion Acting Studio!

Kelly Young Lively Words in Motion, Acting and Performing Classes Thank you for helping me with my acting skills. I was having some difficulties with my approach. If anyone is “stuck” and are unsure about their acting, and looking for an affordable acting coach, please contact Kelly.

My daughter Julia has been taking acting lessons from Kelly since 2010. She has loved every minute of it. It has also helped her grow and become a wonderful young lady. I truly believe in what Kelly tries to teach her students and I’ve seen them all blossom under her guidance. I recommend classes to kids interested in acting but also to kids that need to build confidence.

Loved hosting the show just like last year. It’s an unique event and the pub team are in awe of everyone who graduates the course… Stand up has to be one of the most challenging things to do and we feel very lucky to host such a special graduation event. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in Sunday’s show.

As I reflect upon 2014 one of the biggest highlights for me was walking through the doors of words in Motion, Acting and Performing Classes. I was incredibly anxious and very excited because I felt a positive energy the moment I walked through the door. I am incredibly and extremely blessed and grateful to have met someone who has become a mentor to me, someone who motivates entourages and uplifts me every time I come into her presence Kelly Young Lively I am more confident in myself, I have a stronger determination and belief in myself and my abilities as I move closer to my dreams. I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be volunteering and teaching at the incredible place. I AM wonderfully excited to do more and be more with Words in Motion in 2015.

One of my co-workers attended Kelly’s Adult Improv class. She relayed to me an Improv game called “Yes, and” and we played it at work. It’s a great game about getting along with your Improv partner, co-workers, family, etc. She was so excited about the class and highly recommended it to all of us and said it will help us on the job. My husband and I began attending in July 2013 and we loved it! Kelly thoroughly explains the various Improv games, the purpose, and how it will help you in life. I highly recommend this FREE class. You will laugh and will leave energized & joyful. In January 2014, my husband and I enrolled in the Stand Up Comedy class. TJ is a great instructor and helped us develop our material. We loved this class too! I tend to have a fear of public speaking and this class helped me get past it. We both did a great job on our sets in front of a live audience. Though I was filled with fear and had very dry mouth, I had practiced a lot and nailed it!