Summer Acting Camps

Words in Motion Summer Acting Camps teach children the love of performing.

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Best Acting Camp in Georgia

If you’re an actor or new actor looking to develop your skills and express your creativity, look no further than Words In Motion’s Acting Summer Camps

Words In Motion Acting Studio has partnership with the Villa Rica V-Plex, we’re offering our best price ever at only $125 for the week-long camp.  Please enroll at:

Due to the partnership you can not enroll through our website and must use the above link.  If you have questions please contact us through our website. or

Our camps are perfect for actors between the ages of 6 and 15 who are eager to learn and grow in their craft.

Serious Actors will also receive information regarding on going training that prepare you for Atlanta rapidly growing film market.

These camps fill up fast, so don’t wait to secure your spot! Join us this summer and discover your true acting potential with Words In Motion Acting Studio.

 Dates for 2023 Camps:

  • June 12th- 16th.  1pm  to 4pm -Active Enrollment
  • June 8th-12th.  10am to 2pm  – sold out
  • July 6th-10th. 10am to 2pm. – Sold Out
  • July 17th-21st. 1pm to 4pm -sold out

Our Summer Acting Workshops/Camps are for those Actors who want to develop and express their creative side. You will be placed in a group with other campers. Your Words in Motion Acting team will help your group write a comedy skit and perform the t teams original work.

At Words In Motion Acting Studio, we believe that learning to work with a team is an essential life skill, and our Acting Summer Camps offer the perfect opportunity to develop this skill while having a blast! During the week-long camp, you’ll learn how to memorize lines, block a scene, project your voice, invent characters, and so much more. Our goal is to help you collaborate with your group to create an amazing performance piece that you’ll be proud to showcase.

And speaking of showcasing, we’ve got a special treat in store for you! On the last day of camp, all students will perform for their family and friends in a special end-of-the-week show. Our judges are industry professionals from the Atlanta Film Industry, and they’ll provide valuable feedback on each group’s performance and choose a winning group. Not only is this super fun for the kids, but it also adds an exciting element of competition that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

So come on down and join us for an unforgettable week of fun, creativity, and professional training. And don’t forget to bring a sack lunch to fuel your imagination! Sign up today for our Acting Summer Camps and discover the “process” and “product” of acting with Words In Motion. Friday @ 1 pm. 

You will need to bring a sack lunch for camp days.

Each camp is a week long. 

At Words In Motion Acting Studio, we believe that your child’s experience with us is just as important as the performance itself. That’s why we make sure to choose material that is age-appropriate for each student. We encourage open communication between parents and our team to ensure that the material aligns with your guidelines. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment where your child can express themselves creatively.

During the week-long camp, your child will work with a team of their peers to create an original performance piece. Our team of Atlanta Film Industry Judges will provide feedback and choose a winning group, adding an element of fun competition to the experience. The end-of-the-week show will give your child the opportunity to showcase their hard work for family and friends.

We understand that costumes can be a challenge, so we encourage students to use items they already have at home. Additionally, we keep our group sizes small, with no more than 10 actors per group, each group has a camp leader to ensure that your child receives personalized attention.

We hope that this acting summer camp will be an experience your child will always remember, and we look forward to seeing them year after year! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop their creativity and teamwork skills while having a blast with Words In Motion Acting Studio and our partner, The Villa Rica V-Plex.

Again, You will need to bring a sack lunch.


Campers should be covered by their own health insurance while at camp. Medical information and release forms must be filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian as part of the online registration. NO Medical exam by a physician is necessary for Day Camp.


All medications, including “over-the-counter” medication, must be left with the Staff.  For the safety of all, any medications found in the possession of a student will be confiscated, parents will be notified, and dismissal from camp could result. “Over the counter” meds can be given by the Staff if deemed necessary and permission has been granted by the parent on the online registration form.


Words in Motion wants you to show creativity in all that you do, including how you dress! We encourage you to wear bright colors, fun shoes, cool or silly hats and articles of clothing that express your individuality! When making these choices, we ask that you take into consideration a certain level of modesty.  Please dress appropriately for all classes, shows and activities. Avoid clothing that is too sheer, extremely low cut, or displays any suggestive phrases, designs, profanities, etc.


In case of cancellation, all fees, minus a $25 cancellation fee, are refundable through April 15th. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER April 15th. All cancellations must be in writing. NO deduction is allowed for late arrival, early departure, withdrawal, or dismissal.


Camp is a place where young people can be free to have a good time and enjoy many creative activities with others. We do not expect any discipline problems. However, in the rare event that a camper might create a situation which disrupts the camp program or could be harmful to himself or the
other students, parents will be notified to pick up that student immediately (In which case, the camp fee would be non-refundable). SMOKING, TOBACCO, ALCOHOL, PROFANITY, STEALING, THREATS, ACTS OF VIOLENCE, WEAPONS, SEXUAL CONTACT, AND ILLEGAL DRUG USE ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN AND WOULD WARRANT IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL FROM CAMP. A student’s person and/or personal belongings (purse, book bag, etc,) may be searched if the Words in Motion directors have reason to believe that the student is in possession of illegal or unauthorized

Parents are responsible for any damages, or defacing of property incurred by students while at camp and will be billed for any damages, after camp.

When signing up for this camp, you give Words in Motion Acting Studio the rights to any pictures that are taken to be used by the studio.