Words In Motion Acting Studio trains next generation actors.

We are Atlanta’s Choice for Acting

PROGRAMS- (highlight the programs button on the menu bar and scroll for more details)

  • Training with Speed: This fast-paced class is perfect for junior actors who want to learn how to commit and deliver like a pro. We treat this class as if you’re on set, so be prepared to take action! This class is on-line with a monthly in person class. Monday at 7:30pm. Ages 12 to 18 years old.
  • Ten and Below: Our class for children 10 years and under. This class is on-line with a monthly in person class. Monday at 6pm.
  • Adult Scene Study with More: In this class, you’ll learn the elements of a good scene and watch as treasures unfold before your eyes.  This class is on-line with a monthly in person class. Wed nights from 7 to 9pm.
  1.  Beginners learn the fundamentals of acting, including script analysis, character development, and basic acting techniques. The program includes exercises and scene work to help students develop their skills.
  2. Intermediate-level actors focus on scene work and character development. Students will work on scenes from screenplays and learn how to analyze the script, develop their characters, and work with scene partners.
  3. Advanced Actors will work with material that challenges them. We want you focused on your career and needs.
  4. We offer Audition Technique: We help actors prepare for auditions for film, television.
  5. We offer private classes.
  6. We offer business consultations for acting.

This is a description of what our classes cover during the year.

  • Training with Speed, Ten and Below, and Adult Scene Study focus on the following.
  • Depth: The class helps students explore the depth of their characters and their emotions.
  • Texture: The class delves into the texture of the scene and the layers of meaning within it.
  • Nuance: The class teaches students how to convey subtle nuances in their performances.
  • Realism: The class emphasizes realistic portrayals of characters and situations.
  • Intensity: The class challenges students to bring intense emotions to their performances.
  • Collaboration: The class fosters a collaborative environment where students can work together to create compelling scenes.
  • Transformation: The class encourages students to undergo a transformation as they develop their characters and hone their skills.
  • Insight: The class provides students with insights into the craft of acting and the industry as a whole.
  • Authenticity: The class emphasizes the importance of authentic performances that resonate with audiences.
  • Mastery: The class helps students master the art of acting and develop a strong foundation for their careers.
  •  We also cover Improv and much more through the year.