Hunting SoulsSept 2022

Words in Motion Acting Studio works hard to educate those interested in acting. Let’s talk about why an actor needs to train. Let me ask you a few questions that may help you understand the importance. Would you hire an inexperienced person to lead in your million dollar company? Production does not have time to train people on the job, they hire experienced actors to do the job? Actors that are always in the process of bettering their talent. Does production hire people based on looks? Yes, however it is rare to be hired without experience. Are you going to hire someone who thinks they may be talented and take a risk on them carrying your film? I think not. Movie making is already a risky business, production wants to recover their losses. Honestly, in the world of production an investment into learning is the job requirement? Movies cost millions of dollars! Train and Train some more! Don’t stop! Hope this helps! If you want to work go beyond the requirements! And Then do even more. ! The best acting studios house actors that are working.