Class is Monday Nights from 6pm to 7pm.

Words In Motion’s Atlanta Acting Classes help develop and train working actors.  This class is currently mixed with “Training with Speed,”

Our class, “Ten and Below,” is a class for ages six years of age to ten years of age.  We focus on self control and creativity.  Young actors are full of imagination and energy.  We teach them how to properly use energy in a group setting.  We teach the importance of listening and following direction.  We work on Respecting others. This is crucial to Film set etiquette.  Actors have to know how to behave on set.  Many young actors can be cast because they are cute.  However, if they do not know how to behave on set their career’s will have to wait until they mature. Your child will learn to hit acting notes and make adjustments appropriate to the scene.  We are open to questions and concerns.  We encourage you to ask questions.  Parents it is your job to learn the business of acting, this is done through consultations and private coaching.  This is not included in you monthly class rates.  We are part of Atlanta’s Acting Industry and work with Agents, Casting Directors, and Productions that love seeing our talent. They expect you to know the way the Industry works.  We offer lots of tools to help.  Please ask us!

Words in Motion works to showcase our talent.  Here is a link to see our kids in action. The Kids Show: https://www.facebook.com/The-Kids-Show-254468705128697/

You can also find helpful information through Owner Kelly Young Silva’s Show, “Kelly Talk Show.”  This is a show Directed by Diego Silva, Kelly’s Husband.  We talk to Actors, Filmmakers, Casting Directors, Producers, Writer’s and the Plain Jane to help you better understand this Industry and how it works.  Here are good segments.  Please like the page as we are in constant movement with the show and are always introducing you to new people.  Leaving comments on Kelly Talk Show page is a great way to get to know people.  We are part of a great time of history where we can connect with people through the click of a button, we offer this to you as a benefit.

The Kids Show

Words in Motion is a training facility.  You are making an investment towards a career.  This Industry will require a lot from you.  We require you to understand that you are a business. If you do not have the resources needed to train with us we recommend you try community theatre.  We don’t want to waste your time and do not want you wasting our time.