Acting Studio, Telly Award for Words In Motion2023
Words In Motion Acting Studio, Telly Award

Words In Motion Acting Studio, 2023 Telly Award Winner, Cast and crew.

Words in Motion acting Studio and Kelly Young-Silva a telly Award Winner.


Celebrating Our Telly Award Triumph:

We are thrilled to announce that Words in Motion and its owner, Kelly Young-Silva, have achieved an extraordinary feat by receiving the prestigious Telly Award. We take immense pride in being recognized as a highly esteemed Telly Award-winning studio.

Excellence Rewarded: Diego Silva-Acevedo’s 11 Telly Awards.

In addition, our exceptional owner, Diego Silva-Acevedo, has garnered an impressive tally of 11 Telly Awards for his outstanding work over the past year.

Honoring Talented Actors: Heather Parady, Jason Harmon, and Isabela Clayton.

Furthermore, we extend heartfelt appreciation to our immensely talented actors, Heather Parady, Jason Harmon, and Isabela Clayton, who have also received well-deserved recognition through their remarkable contributions to Words in Motion Acting Studio’s Telly Award.

What is a Telly Award?

Now, you may be intrigued to know more about the illustrious Telly Award. Regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in the world of video and television content across all screens, the Telly Awards hold unparalleled prestige. This year, the competition attracted an overwhelming number of entries, reaching an astonishing count of 13,000 submissions. Among the participants were prominent brands and organizations such as ViacomCBS, Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment, Microsoft, ESPN, PBS Digital Studios, and Fast Company. Additionally, the competition welcomed submissions from media companies, both big and small, spanning the globe.

Adapting to an Evolving Landscape: Telly Awards’ Categories and RecognitionSince its establishment in 1979, the Telly Awards has continually evolved to honor the ever-changing landscape of video and storytelling. It celebrates a diverse range of content, encompassing branded content, social video, animation, and emerging platforms that play a pivotal role in modern narrative techniques. This year, the awards introduced groundbreaking categories, including Workplace Culture, Hybrid Events, Education & Training, Recruitment, and Sustainability, acknowledging the dynamic ways in which video is harnessed.

Harnessing the Power of Video in Today’s Workforce: Insights from Sabrina DridjeEmphasizing the indispensable role of video in addressing the evolving needs of today’s workforce, Sabrina Dridje, the Executive Director of Tellys, underscores its significance. As companies adapt to new ways of working and employees seek innovative solutions, video has become a transformative tool. Workplace culture, remote work, purpose-driven values, and Employee Resource Groups have emerged as pivotal elements in attracting and retaining talent. The winners of this year’s Telly Awards epitomize the diverse and artistic approaches employed to tackle these timely topics. By introducing new categories, the Telly Awards ensures its alignment with the ever-evolving industry and the world it mirrors.

Notable Winners: Inspiring Initiatives and Impactful ContentAmong the illustrious winners in the newly introduced categories are distinguished names such as Johns Hopkins Medicine, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company, Europe & Africa. These remarkable entities have been recognized for their exceptional Workplace Culture initiatives. Within the Hybrid Events category, Left Field Labs and ViacomCBS Consumer Products have stood out, with the latter securing victory for their groundbreaking “ViacomCBS Consumer Products Virtual Partner Summit.” Leveraging the UNREAL Engine, they created a virtual stage for show updates, pushing the boundaries of innovation. The Telly Awards also honored outstanding sustainability-focused winners, including PBS, CTRL5, The Department of Veterans Affairs, American Documentary Inc, Setter Studios, and Grounded. Through their video and television contributions, they have effectively raised awareness about crucial environmental issues.

**Embarking on an Exciting


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Telly Award Winner.  Words In Motion Acting Studio

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